May 5th, 2010

Things to Know About Band Master’s Alpha Test Phase

Author: GM Raven
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29th April @12pm (Thursday noon) ~ 3rd May @ 12am (Sunday midnight)

Objectives of Band Master’s Alpha Test

  1. Stress testing of the servers
  2. Bug testing
  3. Sample testing

Alpha Test Guidelines

  • For the Alpha Test phase of the game, songs and other game content will be tested on a limited number of players only.

Dahil tayo ay nasa  Alpha Testing pa lamang ng laro. Ang mga kanta at iba pang mga nilalaman ng laro ay limitado pa.

  • Accounts to be used during the Alpha Test include the CBT accounts that were sent out after registration on the Band Master website.

Ang mga account na gagamitin sa panahon ng Alpha Test ay ang CBT account na aming ipinadala pagkatapos ng pagrehistro sa website ng Band Master.

  • The Alpha Test will run for a limited time only. Please check on the announced Alpha Test schedules to know when to login to the game.

Ang Alpha Test ay tatakbo sa limitadong panahon lamang. Paki-check ang inihayag na schedule ng Alpha Test upang inyong malaman kung kailan kayo maaaring makapasok sa laro.

  • At the end of each Alpha Test period, please anticipate that login to the game may not be permitted.

Tuwing matatapos ang takdang oras ng Alpha Test, asahan na maaaring hindi na makapasok sa laro.

  • Upon discovery of any bugs or glitches in the game, please do not hesitate to report this to the Band Master team. Supporting data is preferable but not required.

Kung sakaling kayo ay may matuklasan na mga bugs, glitches o ano pa mang kakaiba sa laro, agad ninyong isangguni ang mga ito sa Band Master team. Maaaring maglakip ng sumusuportang mga detalye sa inyong report, ngunit hindi ito lubos na kailangan. .

  • Pre-selected applicants will be given access during the Alpha Test and CBT phase. Although we do our best to provide the most players with accounts, not everyone can be accommodated. Please be patient and avoid spamming in the forums requesting for an account.

Mga piling kalahok lamang ang mabibigyan ng paanyaya para sa panahon ng  Alpha at Closed Beta testing. Hangad naming mabigyan pa ng paanyaya ang mas maraming tao, ngunit sana’y inyong intindihin na hindi naming maaaring mapagbigyan ang lahat. Ito’y ating unawain at iwasan ang pag-spam sa forums upang manghingi ng account.

  • Rank up Tests and Quests cannot be completed due to the limited game content during the Alpha Test Phase.

Ang mga pagsusulit at “quests” para sa pagpapataas ng rank ay hindi pa maaaring magamit dahil sa limitadong nilalaman ng laro sa panahon ng Alpha Testing.

  • Upon registering for a CBT account please make sure you have supplied an active and working EMAIL ADDRESS. If the email address registered for CBT is in any way not accessible, there will be no CBT account. Please double check the email address provided during registration.

Maaari lamang na gumamit ng gumaganang EMAIL ADDRESSS sa pagpaparehistro para sa isang Closed Beta Testing o CBT account. Kung ang inyong binigay na email address ay hindi gumagana, hindi kayo mabibigyan ng CBT account. Suriing mabuti ang inyong ibinigay na email address sa pagpaparehistro ng account.


Q: How can I be an Alpha tester?

A: You must register for a CBT Account at the Band Master official website


Q: Can I Use my old e-games account during the Alpha test and CBT?

A: No, only newly registered CBT accounts may be accessed during Alpha test and CBT. Any old/existing e-games account may be used after Alpha test. All old/existing accounts may be used OBT and onwards.

Q: I have already registered for a CBT account. When can I get my CBT account?

A: Please wait for your registration confirmation. Thousands of CBT registrations are processed and its processing will not be immediate, so it may take some time before the CBT account is opened. Also, please check the SPAM folder of your email for your confirmation registration.

Q: I got an email from Bandmaster but the message only contains “??”

A: We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please PM your email address to CGM Chromium or CGM Tsip, which you may find in the forums so your CBT account can be handled.

Q: When will CBT start?

A: We appreciate your eagerness to play, however, please wait for further announcements regarding the CBT phase.

Q: What will happen to our accounts after the Alpha test?

A: All items and progress will be wiped out after the Alpha test. You may use the same account during CBT but all information and upgrades will no longer apply.

Q: Will our CBT accounts be wiped out after CBT?

A: Yes. After CBT, everything will be wiped out and all accounts will start anew. However if there is an old/existing account this may be used OBT onwards.

Q: Do we have to register for a new account when OBT starts?

A: It won’t be necessary if you already have an existing, registered e-games account. If you have no existing e-games registered account, kindly follow the instructions at the e-games website.


Q: Will our accounts be wiped out after OBT?

A: No. From OBT until the Commercial Launch, there will no longer be any account wipeouts.

Q: Can I borrow a CBT account while I wait for my own CBT account to arrive?

A: Borrowing of accounts is not recommended. Any and all borrowing of accounts are at the discretion of the parties involved. Please refrain from discussing the sharing of accounts in any public forum.

Q: Where can I download the Alpha Test Client?

A: You may download this via Torrent or Direct download.

Download links:


Direct Download:

Q: What kind of computer specs do I need in order to play Band Master?

A: Displayed below are the minimum and recommended specifications


CPU: P4 2.0

RAM: 512MB

VGA: Geforce FX5200

Recommended: (The higher than the ones listed below the better)

CPU: P4 2.6


VGA: GeForce 6600

Q: Will there be more songs and game content during CBT?

A: Yes. However, they will be limited. Not all content will be available immediately; the testing phase will gradually introduce new content as the game progresses toward Commercial launch.

Q: Why can’t I complete the Rank test and other quests?

A: Everything is still limited during the Alpha Test. The song required to increase your rank may not be included in the song list. Please note, some maps in the community mode may also be limited, thus not allowing access to all the NPC characters required to finish quests.

Downloading and Installation guide

Download the Alpha Test client from these download links.


Click on the 1st option “BandMaster PH Alpha.exe

Click on Download .torrent

Select you torrent program then click on “OK”

Download speed via torrent depends on how many are currently seeding it. You will automatically seed the downloaded file upon completion unless you choose not to.

Direct Download:

Save the BandMaster_PH_100415.exe file

Run the BandMaster_PH_Alpha.exe file you downloaded

Click next to proceed with installation

Click “Browse” if you want to specify where you want Band Master to be installed. By default it will be installed in your “Program Files” folder.

Wait for the installation to be complete

Click on “OK” once installation is done.

To play you just have to run the Band Master Launcher.

For Technical concerns and you don’t know what to do please file a ticket.

Steps on how to file a ticket

Go to and click on “LOG – IN”

Type in your username and password then click on “Log-In”.

Caution : Please refrain from sharing your login information to others.

Click on “Helpdesk”

Select BandMaster (Alpha) from the dropdown menu. State technical concern and details in the space provided. Try to be as clear and accurate as possible. Please do not forget to include all needed details such as PC specs etc. Attach your screenshots as proof for easier investigation. Type in the verification code, and then submit the ticket.

Take note of the “Ticket ID”. It is advisable to keep a copy of the ticket id on paper. For information on the progress of your concern click on “Check Ticket Status”. Log-in to live chat to check on the status of ticket ID is also available.

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