March 10th, 2010

[Cabal] Illusion Castle Patch Notes

Author: GM Raven
Equipped with a strong community spirit and armed with childish good- look, GM Raven relentlessly scouts the world of Nevareth. Discovering his inert affinity to blogging, he now administers the e-Games GM Blog. He writes for the love of gaming and finds happiness through helping others, and touching people's lives.


Additional Dungeons

a.    Illusion Castle Underworld Dungeon

Entrance Requirement
A.Character Level Above 120Lv
B.Battle Style Above 11Lv
C.Reward 10,000 Honor Points
D.Dungeon Duration Time: 2 Hours

Entrance Item: Copy of Illusive Apocalypse
Location: Lake Side (X: 171, Y: 175)

Quest Required
A.Added ‘Legend of the Illusive Subterranean Cave’
B.NPC: Nodaka (Core Alchemist) in Green Despair

b. Streamer Crazy (Solo-DX Dungeon)

Entrance Requirement
A.Character Level Above Level 110
B.Battle Style Above Lvl 11
C.Dungeon Duration Time 25 minutes

Entrance Item
A.Ruined Train Card
B.Drop Location: Lake Side / Mutant Forest / Pontus Ferrum
C.Select the level of the dungeon Easy/Normal/Hard

Location: Port Ruina (X: 126, Y: 109)
Quest Required
A. Added ‘Truth of Ghost Runaway Engine’
B. NPC: Hyde in Port Ruina

New Weapon Set: The Lycanus Weapons

Item Options:

The Mergaheph Ring

Item Information
A sealed ring that contains the strength of Mergaheph of Tower of Undead B1F.
It is an account bind item and is available to be used once per character for the quest.

Level Requirement: Above 80Lv (Battle Style Above 9Lv)
Quest: Mergaheph’s Power Sealed Within
Item Option:
Critical Rate UP +15%
Critical DMG +1%
Attack UP +1
Magic Attack UP +1
HP +10

[Additions] Developer’s Notes
1.    Added keyboard Shortcut Alt+Y(YES), Alt+N(NO)
A.    Substituted YES and NO button from UI
2.    Added to show Battle Mode Usage Time Icon
A.    Printed out in upper right side of the screen

3.    Added MP Regen. effect in the Regeneration Buff Skill
4.    Added ‘linked Item’ Chat messages when Unique Item is dropped
A.    Link of dropped Unique Item will be shown as Chat Message
B.    Only those characters near by the item can see the message
5.    Changed Party’s Inventory
A.    Moved Party’s Inventory to “Dungeon Quest Window” after removing the button function
B.    Extended to 8 ‘Collect’ slots

[Changes] Developer’s Notes
1.    Changed Mission War’s WEXP Reward
A.    Current: WEXP Gained in the proportion of Loser 1 time, Winner 2 times WEXP
B.    Changed: WEXP Gained in the proportion of Loser 2 times, Winner 2 times WEXP (Same Proportion)
2.    Changed the property of the Anima Gem
A.    Current: Cannot be dropped or traded
B.    Changed: Cannot be dropped but can be traded
3.    Changed the icon of Premium/Free User
A.    Current:   (Premium Users)
B.    Changed:  (Premium Users),   (Free Users)
4.    Changed requirement to gain ‘Supporter T is always watching you’ Title
A.    Changed to be able to gain the title even when quest related to DT Card are not completed
5.    Changed the order of showing Nation Reward Icon tool tip.
6.    Changed the category of Agent Shop
A.    Moved weak dungeons entry items to Mission Dungeon category
B.    Changed dungeon name to entry item name in the Mission Dungeon category
C.    Added DX Streamer Crazy category
7.    Changed the way to show Auto. Distribution
A.    Changed to deactivate Auto. Distribution and ‘+’ button when there are 0 points left
8.    Changed to activate “Enter” key when start and finish a dungeon
9.    Removed “Show Details” button from the Dungeon Quest Window
10.    Changed UI of Mini Map
11.    Changed Notice of Cash Inventory
A.    Current: Shown all the time when there are items in the Cash Inventory
B.    Changed: Shown only after selecting character to enter the server or after visiting item shop
C.    Changed not to show the notice after opening Cash Inventory once
12.    Changed UI of Character’s Status

13.    Deleted Battle Mode Gauge from the Character’s status
14.    Changed Jukebox
A.    Relocated Jukebox to the right bottom

B.    Changed from 6 list of Jukebox to 5
15.    Changed to remark enchant item color according to level
A.    Changed the name of item color according to the item grade (not by enchant level)

White: Normal Items
Blue: Slot Items
Pink: Epic Slot Items
Purple: Epic Slot Items
Yellow: Unique Normal Items
Orange: Unique Slot Items

B.    Changed to have the same color for item name and the Force Code

16.    Changed to show Character Information of opponent’s Nation
A.    Changed not to show Guild for opponent’s nation
B.    Those with no Mission War kill title or no nation characters are shown as below;
Capella: Luminous Lesser Gladiator
Procyon: Stormy Lesser Gladiator
Neutral: Gladiator
C.    Those who has the title for War kill, Bringer, Guardian remain the same
17.    Changed the way of removing equipments
A.    Current: Alt + Click left on the mouse
B.    Changed: Click left on the mouse
C.    Boards and bikes remain the same
18.    Changed the Notice button
A.    Changed the icon image Notice button such as of ‘NEW MAP’, ‘LEVEL UP’
B.    Changed the order of the Notice button (to the left)
C.    Max. button shown is 4
19.    Changed the icon of Premium/Free Users
20.    Changed icon location of winner Nation
A.     Changed from upper right side to bottom left side
21.    Changed not to attack first from Garlie Captain and Elder Troglo
22.    Changed the order of font list according to Alphabet

[Corrections] Developer’s Notes
1.    Corrected error of showing abnormal Skill Amp.
2.    Corrected error of skill be activated when insert the quantity in the Craft window.
3.    Corrected error of showing different location for Crest of Siena B1F and Crest of Siena B2F in the inventory
4.    Corrected error of showing Alz in Inventory is not deducted(when it should be deducted) when purchase an item after checking ‘Ask No More’ button in the Event NPC Agent
5.    Corrected error of Chat Channel not working when defeated
6.    Corrected error of image of item not printed out when craft disposable ‘C.A. Unit – Regard for H.Age ‘

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  1. Raizo:

    anu po ung my slot sa taas ng skill na slot

  2. sayoonarababy:

    WHoooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa good news ba yan???

  3. 18thDevil:


  4. LIGHT:

    if i upgrade old character lvl still same right?..i hope it will not delete our char..and not become newbie again..please give your opinion ASAP

  5. asa:

    san mapupulot ung mergaheph ring??

  6. asa:

    san malu-loot ung the
    mergaheph ring??

  7. GM Raven:

    Quest item po si Mergaheph ring :)

  8. Dovydas:

    i instaled that update but when i start cabal nothing happens

  9. GM Raven:

    You cannot install the update yet because the file is password protected and our server is not yet ready for the update.

    Tentative patch date of IC is April 8. :)

  10. rei:

    accnt bind po b un ring or char bind?

  11. GM Raven:

    It’s character binding :)

  12. rosegun000019:

    sa illusion lang po yan diba

  13. NaRfEj15:

    san po makikita ung new patch

  14. mark christian jay:

    ang mergaheph’s ring poh ay makukuha sa eod b1f, kaso bat ganun??? 30 times n ata ako pumasuk dun, dko pa nakukuha, grrrrrrrrr

  15. GM Raven:

    Quest item po ung need nia makuha kay Mergaheph. Ring of Evil spirit :P

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